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Your Journey of Indulgence: A step by Step Guide to the Ultimate Client Experience

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

1.Upon arrival, guests are greeted by our attentive office manager who verifies your ID to ensure you are 21 or older, as required by Nevada state law.

2. Should you wish for a pre-appointment drink, you'll be comfortably seated at our bar. Otherwise, you can relax in the privacy of our parlor. Once settled, I will be notified of your arrival.

3. I will personally greet you and lead you to my private quarters. My room is a comfortable space with plenty of charm and ambiance. Complete with private washroom and shower.

4. Here we'll have an intimate, in-depth discussion covering all aspects of our forthcoming experience: preferences, expectations, and desires. This face-to-face conversation is crucial as it allows us to establish a mutual understanding that would be difficult to achieve via email.

5. After reaching a comprehensive agreement, I will process your payment in the office. We accept a variety of payment methods including cash, credit cards, and digital payments like Apple or Google Pay. (Please remember to contact your credit card companies before travel, and/or to increase your daily limit). During this brief interlude, you're welcome to relax in the sanctuary of my private room.

6. Upon my return, I'll prepare the shower facilities for you, complete with new loofas, shower gel, mouthwash, and deodorant. A thorough shower is mandatory before our session commences. Meanwhile, I will set the stage for romance: dimming the lights, cueing a sensual playlist, and donning an outfit of your preference or my choice of lingerie.

7. For our VIP patrons with ample budgets, the option of a complimentary bottle of Dom Pérignon, use of facilities such as: Pool, Jacuzzi and the VIP suites or Dungeon is also available.

8. As we delve into our experience, open communication continues to be of utmost importance. Passion, excitement, curiosity, and many new emotions and desires may arise. However I encourage you to be fully transparent during our initial discussion, as adding activities mid-session may require renegotiation.

9. If you desire to add activities or more time as many guests do. We will discuss options and come to an agreement together. I make these discussions as smooth and painless as possible. Once we are in agreement, I will graciously leave you in the comfort and privacy of my private quarters or VIP/Dungeon and take payment to the office. We need not ever interrupt your comfort or privacy.

10. At the conclusion of our session, I will provide tailored aftercare and additional communication. I never rush a guest out! A second shower is offered, and I will give you the privacy you need to dress and collect yourself.

Feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, you'll be ready to face the world anew.

11. To mark the end of your visit, I'll accompany you back to the parlor for a heartfelt farewell—typically a hug and a word of thanks for your patronage.

12. Finally, our office manager will inquire about the quality of your experience before buzzing you out, ensuring your visit has met all expectations.

Conclusion: My utmost priority is to make your visit not just enjoyable, but exceptional, comfortable, and fun. From the moment you walk in to the time you leave, every detail is meticulously considered to ensure a seamless and enriching experience tailored just for you. Thank you for choosing me; I look forward to exceeding your expectations again.



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