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Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Q: Where can I meet Addison?

A: Addison is exclusively available for in-person services at The World Famous Chicken Ranch in Pahrump, Nevada, which is about an hour west of Las Vegas. She does not meet outside of The World Famous Chicken Ranch.

Q: Does Addison offer virtual dates?

A: Absolutely! Addison can arrange virtual dates upon request. Feel free to send an email to inquire about this option.

Q: Is escorting legal in Las Vegas?

A: No, escorting, brothels, and prostitution are illegal in Las Vegas. Engaging in such activities there is considered illegal and risky.

Q: Are Addison's photos accurate?

A: Yes, Addison updates her photos every 3-6 months to ensure they're current and reflective of her appearance. Her photos are minimally edited for lighting and quality.

Q: What does Addison look like naturally?

A: Addison's appearance is primarily natural, with the exception of a few highlights added to her blond hair each year.

Q: Does Addison accept clients of all backgrounds?

A: Yes, Addison is open to seeing clients of all races, ages, abilities, and genders, as long as they exhibit kindness, respect, generosity, and good hygiene.

Q: How often does Addison get health tests?

A: Independent contractors within legal Nevada brothels, including Addison, are required to undergo weekly sexual health tests.

Q: Does Addison have any moral concerns about her work?

A: No, Addison maintains an open-minded perspective and doesn't hold moral judgments about others' choices concerning their bodies and careers.

Q: What's Addison's ideal guest like?

A: Addison values qualities like kindness, respect, generosity, and impeccable hygiene in a potential guest.

Q: How long has Addison been a Legal Courtesan?

A: Addison has five years of experience as a Legal Courtesan, but her interest in human relationships and sexuality dates back to her early 20s.

Q: Are courtesans employees of the brothel?

A: No, courtesans are independent contractors in legal Nevada brothels and operate their own businesses under their chosen legal structures.

Q: What is the role of an "Independent Contractor"?

A: An independent contractor operates their own licensed business, determining prices, services, schedules, and other aspects. They are not employees but run their own enterprises.

Q: Is Addison's service legal?

A: Yes, Addison's services are fully legal and licensed by the State of Nevada.

Q: How much does Addison charge?

A: Addison cannot provide quotes via email due to the legal implications. You can share your starting budget and she will keep it in mind while tailoring your unique experience to fit your needs.

Q: Why is pricing not provided over email?

A: Emailing pricing is considered solicitation, which is illegal due to the broader prohibition of prostitution in the United States.

Q: Why might Addison not respond to messages?

A: Addison prioritizes respectful and serious inquiries, ignoring crude or disrespectful messages.

Q: Can I have a same-day appointment?

A: If Addison is available on tour, same-day appointments can be arranged with a deposit at least 3 hours before your arrival.

Q: What sets Addison apart?

A: Addison focuses on authentic connections, exceptional experiences, and uses her experience and education to foster meaningful interactions with her clients.

Q: Why does the brothel take a percentage of earnings?

A: Brothels operate as businesses and need to make a profit while providing a safe and legal environment for courtesans to work in.

Q: Why not use the free limo service to the brothel?

A: Accepting the free limo service will lead to hidden fees, as the service charges a substantial percentage of your budget to Addison, impacting her rates.

Q: Why choose a legal brothel over an independent escort?

A: Engaging with an illegal escort carries significant risks, including unknown ages, potential trafficking, scams, police stings, and legal consequences.

Q: Why does Addison require a deposit?

A: The deposit demonstrates respect for Addison's time and commitment to the appointment, avoiding no-shows and ensuring serious inquiries.

Q: Will I lose my deposit if we can't agree on terms?

A: In most cases, you won't lose your deposit if you're respectful and show up on time. Addison may allow you to use it toward another appointment.

Q: Is tipping expected?

A: Tipping isn't obligatory, but it's appreciated as a sign of gratitude for an exceptional experience.

Q: Can I book Addison on non-tour days?

A: Yes, with a $500 deposit and 48-hour notice, Addison can make herself available for you at The Workd Famous Chicken Ranch,

Q: Does Addison offer non-sexual services?

A: Yes, Addison provides non-sexual companionship, advice, coaching, and other services beyond physical intimacy.

Q: What sexual services does Addison offer?

A: Addison offers a wide range of services, specializing in GFE, sensual dominance, couples, and lifestyle intimacy coaching.

Q: Does Addison engage in kissing?

A: Yes, Addison includes kissing as part of the GFE experience.

Q: What services does Addison not provide?

A: Addison doesn't offer PSE, Anal, or submission services.

Q: How can I schedule an appointment with Addison?

A: Send an introductory email, check her availability, then call The Chicken Ranch to schedule and place a deposit.

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