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Embark on an Enriching Journey with Addison Gray

An Elegant Encounter:

Welcome to a world of opulence and genuine connections curated by Addison Gray. Take a moment to explore this page, and feel free to reach out with questions. Familiarizing yourself with these details will likely address most of your inquiries, ensuring a smooth start to our journey.


Clear, courteous, and respectful emails are expected. I handle emails personally and will respond promptly. Note that my focus is on inquiries related to reservations of virtual or in-person rendezvous. I do not respond to emails asking for me to meet outside of The World Famous Chicken Ranch.

For a seamless booking process, provide:

- Your name.

- Preferred meeting date.

- Desired time.

- Your vision for our time together.

- Relevant personal information.


Owing to legal requirements and the intricate nature of our intimate reservation, pricing and service specifics are deliberated in person at The world Famous Chicken Ranch, within my private quarters. Regrettably I am unable to provide quotes via email or engage in negotiations based on amounts you propose. I provide a wide array of services to meet a variety of budgets starting in the four figure range


Virtual Dates: Email me if interested in reserving a virtual session.Virtual dates must be paid for in full via Wishtender prior to reservation.

Off Tour Reservations:

 If you're arranging your Las Vegas retreat when I'm not on tour, please feel free to send me an email. Many times, I can arrange a special visit at The Chicken Ranch just for you with a minimum notice of 48 hours and a deposit of at least $500. Please note: Deposits should reflect at least 10% of your entire budget.

Getting to The Chicken Ranch:

To avoid extra costs, you must use your own transportation or rent a car. Limo or ride-sharing services like Uber/Lyft deduct a large percentage for their services, affecting our reservation total. Car rentals in Las Vegas are a wise choice.



Reservations with Deposits:

Once we agree on a date and time, contact The Chicken Ranch promptly to secure your booking. A minimum deposit of $250 ($500 minimum for couples) is required. It is helpful if your deposit reflects 10% of your entire budget. For added convieniance, security, and privacy The World Famous chicken Ranch now accepts online payment for your deposit or prepayment for your party. I will send you the link through email. Once You pay your deposit I will confirm your reservation.


Cancellation Policy:

I understand life's uncertainties. While I prefer rescheduling, I accept cancellations. Cancellation within 24 hours of your reservation forfeit your deposit. In the rare event of negotiation differences, your deposit may be transferred to another courtesan. A generous tip for my time is encouraged.

Payment Options:

Your privacy is key. Your financial transactions are discreet. Transactions will not show on your statements as a brothel. We accept cash, Discover, Wire-Transfer, Visa, and MasterCard. (Wire-Transfers must be initiated at least 48 hours before your reservation.) Please remember to notify your bank when traveling to avoid Fraud-Alert delays. I always recommend bringing as many resources as possible. 

Gifts: While I cannot accept gifts as payment, and they are never expected some guests enjoy purchasing something special to show their appreciation. Please check out my page "Gift Addison" for ideas.

Safety and Hygiene:

I undergo weekly STD testsand protection for all activities during our session is paramount. I provide everything we need and you will not need to bring protection with you.

Attire and Grooming:

Comfort matters. Dress as you wish, but hygiene is essential. Avoid strong fragrances as I tend to have reactions to strong odors. I require all guests to shower, and use mouthwash before our time together begins. I keep mens/women's toiletries readily available.

Alcohol and Drugs:

Moderate drinking is welcomed, but no illicit substances. I will terminate our session if intoxicated or under the influence of illicit drugs without refund.

In Conclusion:

This guide should help answers most of your queries. Feel free to ask more questions via email. I anticipate our connection and memorable experiences.

Warm Regards,

Addison Gray


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